Interior Designer. Artist.

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With a Diploma in Interior Decoration and Design Anna is an experienced interior designer specialising in selections for new build internal features and fittings. With a wide base of knowledge within the industry she also has a distinctive flair for furniture and colour choices. Taking the guess work out of styling and what goes with what when you are building is something she is passionate about. Anna endeavours to help her clients create space’s that are aesthetically pleasing but most importantly functional homely environments. Anna want’s her clients to love the spaces she created because it is their vision she’s just helped them get it there.

Having completed her own first home build and embarking on another new build she is always learning and focused on the design industry.

An avid painter Anna also creates artwork for sale selling both limited edition prints and original works. Her colourful abstracts have been created with the eclectic home in mind. She is ever evolving her ideas to suit a range of interiors. Please find Anna’s latest works in the online shop under ART.

For interior design consultations please contact Anna at